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Your NDC Journey

From Distribution to Airline Retailing

In order for airlines to become retailers they need new IT systems.
Start your transformation now – with our solutions based on NDC and ONE Order.

NDC – the Standard in Retailing for Airlines

Transform the way your airline products are distributed to corporations and business travelers alike.

SKYfly Sell

Internet Booking Engine – SKYfly Sell

Flexibly customize your customer’s requirements with the modern Internet Booking Engine (IBE).

SKYfly Broker

Universal Adapter Framework – SKYfly Broker

Your sales channels, reservation systems and third-party providers can be seamlessly connected with our system solution.

SKYfly Res

Airline Retailing Platform – SKYfly Res

Transform your airline from an air carrier to a retailer with our Order Management System.

SKY pay

Settlement with Orders – SKYpay

The settlement solution for financial processes in a ONE Order world.

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FlyGTA goes ‘all in’ with NDC & ONE Order throughout
FlyGTA is pioneering the full utilization of NDC & ONE Order – using SKYfly Res by ISO-Gruppe. The core of…
ISO is now at NDC Capable Level 4
ISO has again been officially recognized under the IATA New Distribution Capability (NDC) Certification Program. As a Strategic Partner of…
SKYfly Res & SKYfly Revenue go ONE Order
NDC-based ISO solutions SKYfly Res and SKYfly Revenue now ONE Order Capable IATA has granted ISO Software Systeme the status…

We operate similarly to Uber and technology is assisting us along the way.

Chris Nowrouzi, CEO FlyGTA

Network performance is going to be a very significant factor in the success of NDC and ONE Order.

NDC Solutions White Paper by Sia Partners

Most airlines getting started with NDC underestimate the number of requests the customers will be sending.

NDC Solutions White Paper by Sia Partners

NDC is important for the capability it can bring in terms of merchandising.

NDC Solutions White Paper by Sia Partners

The vision of NDC which is about offers created more or less in real time is potentially a real challenge for Revenue Management systems.

NDC Solutions White Paper by Sia Partners

FlyGTA Airlines – the first airline to completely rely on NDC & ONE Order


Chris Nowrouzi is a busy man. He not only manages FlyGTA regional airline located at the Billy Bishop Airport in Toronto, but also vidajet.com and Visit-Canada.ca tour operator brands. His vision is to present tailor-made offers to his customers – no matter if it is a business trip, a sightseeing flight over Niagara Falls or a complete vacation package. Simplification is therefore an essential element in this equation.

Using NDC & ONE Order throughout operations

FlyGTA wants to use NDC and ONE Order consistently in its operations. Moreover, the airline’s focus is on extending this to further sales channels as well, and on expanding its offer by integrating flights from other airlines.

A favorable Alternative

The SKYfly Retailing Platform provides small and mid-sized airlines with a cost-effective alternative to current reservation systems. FlyGTA and ISO have therefore entered into a sales and distribution agreement.


Ingo Schuch, Director Business Development Airline Solutions & Projects at ISO Software Systeme, explains: “FlyGTA is an extremely important partner for us who is constantly creating new challenges. Other market players have not yet realized the endless possibilities of NDC and ONE Order and are not ready to consistently adapt their system landscapes the way FlyGTA has.”

FlyGTA and ISO’s NDC solutions in the German press: