Airline Retailing Platform

Next-generation Airline Retailing Platform

  • Referring to the IATA NDC reference architecture
  • Based on IATA ONE Order concept
  • Enables new Customer Journey concepts and personalized offers
  • Connectivity to all relevant direct sales channels including bots
  • Connectivity to Metasearchers, OTAs and travel agencies
  • Enhanced dynamic pricing for flight and ancillaries
  • Supports Tour Operator Allotment Sales
  • Integrates 3rd-party suppliers like transfer, rental car, hotel, cruise, tickets
  • Integrates with CRM
  • Connects to back office functions for Accounting, Settlement, Fulfillment, BI/Reporting


The Order Management schemas enable airlines to manage NDC-driven orders throughout the entire lifecycle – from booking to fulfillment:


Booking & Servicing

The schemas for Booking & Servicing, to enable airlines and travel agents to manage the order from the traveler, once he/she has selected an offer, and service it at any point throughout the order lifecycle.

Payment & Ticketing

The schemas for Payment & Ticketing, to enable airlines and travel agents to collect and pass form of payment details for the supported payment methods, offered by the airlines and selected by the traveler; these schemas will also allow travel agents to request accountable documents issuance to fulfill NDC-driven orders.

NDC and ONE Order – The new Airline Distribution

New Distribution Capability (NDC) allows airlines better control of their distribution because offers and orders are built in the airline environment. Early benefits of the standard include improving sales of ancillaries in the indirect channel and giving travel agents access to rich content such as pictures, videos and the like. For those travelers who wish to identify themselves, the airline can create personalized offers. As the NDC standard moves forward, it opens opportunities, for example letting airlines create full dynamic pricing. We have included NDC in our solutions and offer NDC adapters for our Airline System and our tourism solutions.

ONE Order aims to optimize the entire process chain – by eliminating limiting ticket-related processes and formats as well as preventing data duplication. This will lead to reduced costs for data integration and synchronization. ONE Order allows uniform communication with all service providers including ticketless carriers and non-air service providers – for an almost unlimited product portfolio. The Order Management System is an integral part of our Airline Retail Platform and our Revenue Accounting solution is “One Order ready”.

Network performance is going to be a very significant factor in the success of NDC and ONE Order.

NDC Solutions White Paper by Sia Partners

Most airlines getting started with NDC underestimate the number of requests the customers will be sending.

NDC Solutions White Paper by Sia Partners

NDC is important for the capability it can bring in terms of merchandising.

NDC Solutions White Paper by Sia Partners

The vision of NDC which is about offers created more or less in real time is potentially a real challenge for Revenue Management systems.

NDC Solutions White Paper by Sia Partners

NDC is a vital part of ONE Order – and therefore also of an Order Management System

NDC (New Distribution Capability) is a travel industry-supported program (NDC Program) launched by IATA for the development and market adoption of a new, XML-based data transmission standard (NDC Standard).

ONE Order is the concept of a single Customer Order record, holding all data elements obtained and required for order fulfillment across the air travel cycle – such as customer data, order items, payment and billing information, fulfillment data and status.