Your NDC Journey

From Distribution to Airline Retailing

“The airline of 2021 will be a technology, data, and retailing company that happens to fly airplanes. It will have more in common with Google and Amazon than Pan Am and TWA.“
Atmosphere Research Group

NDC – the new standard in retailing for airlines

Transform the way your air products are distributed to corporations and business travelers alike.

NDC Validation

For programmers and IT consultants, we provide an NDC Validation toolbox.

  • quick-check your NDC messages
  • create test cases
  • simulate NDC communication
  • check your ability to “talk” with other airlines

NDC Consulting

We support your way to the future of airline distribution.

  • create your NDC vision and roadmap
  • set relevant NDC-related business KPIs
  • manage software integration projects
  • develop an integration plan for your infrastructure

NDC Monitoring

The NDC Monitor gives you total control over incoming and outgoing NDC messages.

  • track all data in your NDC channel
  • check your business-related NDC KPIs
  • use reporting for transparency
  • keep notified about critical issues

Great Passenger Experience – thanks to NDC

Provide your customers with the same shopping experience regardless of how and where they do their travel shopping.

XML Intelligence for more Profit

NDC enables airlines to take back control of distribution. Close the merchandizing gap and build your offers and orders in an airline environment.

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ISO's ONE Order Case Study published
ISO's ONE Order Case Study published
From Sales to Accounting – with ONE Order – IATA has published a Case Study by ISO focused on business…
"Airlines should be Retailers!"
"Airlines should be Retailers!"
Airlines will have to become retailing companies IATA’s new AIR Symposium – the Airline Industry Retailing Symposium (formerly World Passenger…
ONE Order Pilot's Presentation
ONE Order Pilot's Presentation
View ONE Order Pilot’s Presentation from NDC Implementation Forum, Madrid, August 2018






These experts form the core of our dedicated team

Andreas Schienagel
Andreas Schienagel
Solution Development
Manager for Tourism and Airline Retailing Platform
Sebastian Daume
Sebastian Daume
Business Development
Business Development and Strategy for NDC/ONE Order
Susanne Reiser
Susanne Reiser
Product and Sales Manager Revenue
Accounting and ONE Order Active Member in IATA Working Groups